sleep deprivation , small electrical shocks ( jolts ) ,  severe headache , fluctuation of the blood pressure , pain ( sharp , radiating , pressing ), pressure on the head ( brain ) , there is a sexual aspect  of ( jolts to the genital ) , ( control of  whole nerve system ) .

since  june  2010

24/7  for  many  

high  tech  surveillance

targeting  people health   

has  the  capability  to achieve (  tumor  , neuropathy  etc)

the  police  were  alerted since  march 04  2010  ,  they  dont  want  to

act  ;  

torture action plan    not far from the nazis

under construction  , have a look at the pict gallery


how I end up in these , I moved to Canada in 93  , by late 98 ( in Montreal) I lost my status , I moved to Vancouver  in 2005 ( I was working in the construction)

there was police incident  , as a result of that , I was approached  by the sec service

from there all the way to 09 , I did 2 certificate ( one with Bryant university and one with

csudh ) I had couple of job offers in the Caribbean’s they interfere with that ; block it

from 05 to 09 , they exposed themselves ( way at the end I was offered constr work )

 in oct 09 I left Vancouver to Toronto , I had a ticket to the Trinidad ( I  managed to get something there ) , so I was moving there for good , but the Moroccan consulate just wouldn’t issue  a  passport ( there were in contact with Moroccan sec service before in 07

, they just block  that passport ) and want to force me back home in the hand of the Moroccan secret service  , I had a conversation with 2 lawyer in Vancouver

one of them took the retaining fees and took what ever info I shared with him to the Canadian secret service ; I end up been stuck in Toronto  ,  I did sent emails to the minister of public safety and the minister of justice ( while I had no status )

waited 2 weeks I filed a refugee claim .

when I look back the system ( tools ) was set up way back in 05 ; they twisted the capabilities of the tools , ( they had access to my place since 05  )

on the emails that you ll  see on my email account  there er note , blood test were never performed  , or that disappeared on the medical file , a doctor that wrote false note ;

I never taught I will have seen  the doctor note  ; , I ma just giving a reason .

I am still working on the mri  , my health coverage will expire on feb 01 , I had add on

Coverage they just called the insurance ( and asked to delay the collection of the premium until feb 01 , the bank account was shut last week )

The torture  started ( as of june  ,  I am just  resume the story  there is couple of event that happen from the time I filed the pif (refugee claim ) until june 06 , 2010)  .

There  is  number of cases  related to the same gov where there were privacy  breach of medical file ( not just one but many) , you v got a doctor  like shabash that  have a number of patient of ( arab ,muslim) , he  s  beyond negligent ( deliberately , or coerced to do so ) ;  it s the first time that i  heard  of a gov that target  people health

And just to finish  a toronto police officer confirm tome the existence of these tool

( torture tech , )  . I ll keep  you posted ;thank you



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